¬†With no doubt we must build our dreams, always being responsible. Education, sports, science, art and a lot of common¬† sense are important. God and the love will take us where they need us and where they want us to go. Just we need keep our soul’s and spirit’s eyes out for those open doors, solid keys, real stones and permanent God’s messages. (By coach Manny Rojas Basan/ Export-PA-USA/November 2012.)

Coach Manny is a compiler o f the oldest and most ancient sports-health school principles and of the new century’s investigations and hands & brain on researches.

Understanding that every single individual is a new and vaste universe, coach Manny creates, adapts and builds an individual profile to train, care, maintain and improve the overall health.

Applying his multisensory education in several areas, he proposes a really DEEP RENAISANCE path to pursue the highest human aspirations related with any sport and with integral health (mental, physical and spiritual).

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