My Students


I have  gym called FOST CENTER= fitnastics Olympic spirit training center, that is dedicated to teaching the arts of gymnastics, fitness and the circus arts.  Visit our web page

All the people and athletes I meet around the world were my teachers and students because teaching and learning are two universal similar realities, faces from the same coin, and the best way to learn it is to teach.

I am deeply thankful with all my students around the world (all:  ages, nationalities, status, ideas, sports, religions). Everything I did for them was thanks to my ignorance because I was motivated to investigate and research every individual necessity in order to help them to be the best athlete they could be.


Meet Marah, a student of mine in the United States.  She is an Equestrian Vaulter which means she performs gymnastics and dance on top of a moving horse.  Here she is competing in the barrel freestyle event.  My training can be adapted to any sport.

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