My Mission


Share my thoughts, feelings, ideas, research and movements with the world in a renaissance way with multi-sensory preparation. Living in an out of the box’s reality and pursuing the real freedom hand to hand with the truth. Sports and health are my main paths to address in my peaceful warrior’s life.


All the ideas, researches, principles that the visitor will find into this website are into the frame of DESCRIPTION don’t pretend to judge, suggest, prevent, cure or treat nothing related with SPORTS, HEALTH, LEADERSHIP AND EXCELLENCE. I feel lucky and blessed having tremendous opportunities to travel around the world knowing cultures, languages, people with different :profiles, education, religion, political and economical status. I know that just being an awaken UNIVERSAL CITIZEN we can build a new world with different paradigms about: peace, spirituality, God, authority, responsibility, commitment, respect and compassion.

I am not identified with any TAG  as a professional: I AM NOT A DOCTOR, I AM NOT A PROFESSOR, I AM NOT A POLITICIAN, I AM NOT A SCIENTIST……………

I am “a former national and olympic gymnast from Ecuador” currently a national level gymnastics coach for men and women in both the United States and Ecuador. I am a highly educated and respected international universal citizen and coach that as a “student of life and sports sciences” loves the truth, likes all sports and promotes the spiritual, mental and phisycal  health.

You are visiting this site and reading my material under your own- personal decision, responsibility, wish, ability and expectation.

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